Added Heat In Mississippi Long Simmering Forensics Scandal

Radley Balko 06/17/2013
Solving Kathy Mabr Murder: Brutal 15-Year-Old Crime Highlights Decades-Long Mississippi Scandal
A Massive Mess of Forensics
Examiner, Mississippi's Jeffrey Havard Nears Execution
Meckfessel Taylor, K. C., Dirkx, Marielle Elisabet, McIntosh, William and Carrington, William Tucker, 
CSI Mississippi: The Cautionary Tale of Mississippi's Medico-Legal
History (May 23, 2013). Available at SSRN:

Defense lawyers want review of cases involving pathologist Dr. Steven Hayne

Shaken-baby science doubts grow
report: Shaken-baby triad still rules in New York courts

Experts deride bite marks as unreliable in court
wrongly convicted or arrested on bite evidence

Bites derided as unreliable in court

Bites derided as unreliable in court

At least 24 men convicted or charged with murder or rape based on bite marks on the flesh of victims have been exonerated since 2000, many after spending more than a decade in prison. Now a judge's ruling later this month in New York could help end the practice for good. A small, mostly ungoverned group of dentists carry out bite mark analysis and their findings are often key evidence in prosecutions, even though there is no scientific proof that teeth can be matched definitively to a bite into human skin.

AG Martha Coakley calls for independent probe of state drug lab policies and procedures

Boston Globe 31 Oct 2012
Attorney General Martha Coakley is asking the governor to appoint an independent investigator to review the policies, practices, and oversight at the state laboratory in Jamaica Plain where a chemist’s alleged mishandling of evidence has thrown thousands of drug cases into question. The attorney general’s office wants to focus on a criminal investigation of Annie Dookhan, the diminutive chemist from Franklin at the center of the drug lab scandal, and let the independent investigator conduct a broader look.

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